What is DLC coating?

DLC (diamond like carbon) is a surface coating consisting of a metal layer of chromium nitride, which provides a high surface hardness, coated with a layer of highly cristalline carbon, which provides to the surface exceptional tribological properties.

About fluorination

Direct fluoridation of DLC results in a chemical modification of the upper carbon layer thicknes, which significantly lowers the surface energy of the coating, while maintaining its hardness and friction properties.

Technical characteristics

Nature: CrN + a-C:H: F 

Hardness: > 2000

Thickness: 1-2 μm

Coefficient of friction on steel (dry): 0.1-0.2

Maximum operating temperature: 350 °c

Color: glossy black

Surface energy: up to 24 Dynes/c

Advantages and applications

Reduced fouling
Improved anti-adhesion
Corrosion suppression
Gain productivity, performance and integration

Application on plastic injection, presses and cutting tools.

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