• Expertise

    F2 is an extremely reactive gas, which requires special know-how to be used under good conditions and to deliver its full potential. At SUDFLUOR, we have developed mastery of the use of this very special product and we use molecular fluorine, whether pure or diluted in nitrogen-based gas mixtures, for the synthesis of very high purity fluorinated products, and the treatment of surfaces on any type of material.

    By combining our skills with those of our partners, we offer you a global engineering offer that goes from the analysis of needs, with the realization of the necessary studies and tests and the validation of the process, up to the transposition of the scale. from the laboratory to the pilot and then industrial scale. We ensure the technological transfer of ingredients and processes. On request, we can audit and assess potential suppliers. Finally, we set up production, analysis and product quality monitoring protocols.

    Throughout the duration of the project, we are your single point of contact and ensure the monitoring and coordination of multidisciplinary teams.

  • A collaborative approach

    SUDFLUOR is at your side to:

    • provide you with scientific and technical expertise on fluorination processes;
    • participate in European calls for projects in its capacity as an innovative SME;
    • ensure the maturation and scale-up of your R&D developments;
    • facilitate the licensing of your application patents.

Our R&D services

SUDFLUOR has developed extensive know-how in the synthesis of inorganic fluorides: fluorides of alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, transition metals, metalloids, and rare earths.

The synthesis of inorganic fluorides by direct fluorination makes it possible to prepare anhydrous fluorides of high purity suitable for demanding applications (electrochemistry, semiconductors, non-oxide glasses), and this at very competitive prices compared to conventional methods involving additional purification steps.

We also work on the synthesis of fluorinated salts such as triflates, trifluoroacetates, ammoniums, hexafluorophosphates and their derivatives.

Finally, our expertise in direct fluorination and materials carcaterization allows us to explore the effects of surface fluorination on all types of materials and to study the resulting physicochemical properties.

  • Fluoroproducts synthesis

    Refractory metal fluorides  and rare earth fluorides.

  • Surface fluorination

    Direct fluorination trials on all type of materials.