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Fluorine to Boost Lithium

In recent times, various research on the benefits of direct fluoridation of lithium-based electrodes have appeared in the scientific literature. In an article published earlier this year, Professor Gerbrand Ceder and his team at the University of Berkeley1 explain that fluoride substitution is an essential catalyst to improve the lifespan and energy density of thirsty Li-ion battery cathode materials.  Due to the high Li-F interaction, it is anticipated that fluorine can also alter the order of cations at short distances in these materials, which is essential for transporting Li ions. The theoretical study… Read more

Gallium Triflate for Catalysis

Since Robert N. Hazeldine synthesized trifluomethanesulonic acid or triflonic acid, researchers have synthesized and used many metal triflates as catalysts. Because many organic chemistry reactions are based on a catalyzed by Lewis acids, a family to which metal triflates belong.

Today, the chemical industry tends to become eco-responsible by implementing processes that use fewer pollutants, and… [Read more]


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