Alès Audacity 2015 compettion – the project of SUDFLUOR rewarded!

Since 2013, NF3 has joined SF6 in the ranks of greenhouse gases with the longest lifespan.

Gérard CALLEJA is awarded the first prize in the category “young entrepreneurs” in the Concours Alès Audacity 2015

While the COP 21 has just finished, the jury of Alès Audacity is part of the news by rewarding the project carried by SUDFLUOR. Indeed, the innovation project rewarded by this award concerns the design of a fluorine generator. The latter is intended to replace the use of greenhouse gases (GHG) listed in the Kyoto protocols, including sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) and especially nitrogen trifluoride (NF3) used by semiconductor manufacturers and MEMS.
MEMS are omnipresent micro-machines in our everyday life (smartphones, GPS, televisions, cars, peace-makers, etc.) and whose strong market growth leads to an ever greater consumption of these GHGS with a proven effect on the Global warming.