• Fluorine engineering


► More than 20 years of experience in R&D
► A multidisciplinary team
► A rich knowledge base
► A network of experts


► Laboratory testing and sampling
► Production workshop
► Analytical and characterization capabilities
► Quality monitoring tools


► A SEVESO site adapted to the chemistry of fluorine
► Customer-site integrable solutions
► Industrial partners

  • know_how

    Fluorine is an extremely reactive gas, which requires special know-how to be used in good conditions and deliver its full potential. At SUDFLUOR, we have developed control over the use of this particular product and we use difluorine, whether pure or diluted in nitrogen-based gas mixtures, for the synthesis of very high purity fluorinated products and the treatment of surfaces on any type of material.

    By associating our skills with those of our partners we offer a comprehensive engineering offer that ranges from analysis of needs, with the realization of the necessary studies and trials and validation of the process, until the transposition from laboratory scale to pilot plant and then industrial scale. We ensure the technological transfer of the ingredients and processes. Upon request, we can audit and evaluate potential suppliers. Finally we set up production protocols, analysis and quality monitoring of the products.

    Over the duration of the project, we are your sole interlocutor and ensure the follow-up and coordination of multidisciplinary teams.

  • Main skills

    • Synthesis in organic and inorganic chemistry
    • Controlled atmosphere reactions
    • Toxic and corrosive products manipulations
    • Analytical and characterization techniques
    • Research and industrial projects monitoring

    and above all a great inventiveness and creativity in the field of science.