• Our fluoroproducts

    SUDFLUOR develops an extensive know-how on the synthesis of inorganic fluorides: alkali metal fluorides, alkaline earth, transition metals, metalloids, and rare earth metals.

    The synthesis of inorganic fluorides by direct fluorination allows to prepare high purity anhydrous fluorides suitable for demanding applications (electrochemistry, semiconductors, non-oxide lenses), and this at very competitive prices compared to conventional methods involving additional purification steps.

    We also offer different fluorinated salts such as triflates, trifluoroacetates, ammoniums, hexafluorophosphate and their derivatives.

  • Our services

    • New products investigation, specific formulations
    • Custom manufacturing
    • Value-added commercial products: needs less than 1 T/year
    • Proximity services for the production of specialty products: secured supply, traceability, quality monitoring,….
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    If a product interests you and does not appear on our products list, do not hesitate to send us an email. We will respond to your request as soon as possible.

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